Volunteer feedback section


This is our volunteers’ experiences at our project sites in schools, youth center and after school girls residential center in their own words

    • Elliot, France

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      Visited July, 2017 I spent a month in a school in the village of Kharadi and it was just fantastic, I explain. First of all, I had no teaching experience before arriving in India and a basic level in English. So this adventure looked promising but very motivating. I tried to go with an open mind and a strong motivation to help. It is an ideal place to discover the culture of this region because people like conversations in general and it is very rewarding. During this stay I was faced mainly with frustration and failure. The frustration because you think you can do more but the reality of the means for education is weak. Failure one of the most important feelings, having no competence in teaching, I had to invent teaching techniques, that is to say catch the attention of children, relearn to write “Correctly” or have children learn skills. At the start of many failures for a result that seems to me to progress. Children and the general population are great they allow you to really understand their cultures and their culture can challenge you yourself. Now, discover this great place and put your stone to the building for this ambitious project.


    • Johann David Bekker, Germany

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      Visited February, 2017 I spent nearly one Month in this little village and teached math and English. It was one of the most interesting time i had so far. Also this experience is really helpful for my further life. I had a warm welcome from Naveen. He showed me around and gave me the first information’s. Also he took me with him to a traditional Indian wedding which was close by in another village. A night i will never forget. The time with the kids was just great. we had much fun and you could see that these kids are motivated and that they want to learn something. A good fact is that you can really interact with the kids, also after school-time. Also the communication with the kids was quite good. Some kids were impressive with their English skills. Naveen is a warmhearted guy, who is really fluent in English. So also the communication with him was 10/10. The location / Village is quite different to other places in India i visited. So peaceful and good for your mind. You can even drink the tab water and jump in the River, which is not even 1 minute away.
      So all in all it was an awesome time and i will definitely come back.


    • Jonathan Weidenbaum, New York City

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      Visited January, 2017 Himalayan Volunteering Opportunities has provided one of my greatest experiences in India (and I have journeyed through the Subcontinent four times previously). There is simply no substitute for immersing oneself within the culture of the Himalaya region. Working with the youth of Barkot and Childern of Kharadi was nothing less than inspiring, and it is a fantastic way of attaining first-hand contact with the local population. In addition, Naveen and Deepankar ensure that each volunteer is exposed to the rhythms of daily life in the Himalayan foothills in multiple ways. For instance: over the past five weeks I lived with a family here in Barkot. I also witnessed two weddings and a number of vibrant festivals in the surrounding villages. I cannot recommend this incredible organization enough!


    • Kristen kmetz, United States

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      Visited January, 2017 Omg! I had an absolutely wonderful time volunteering in Barkot and Kharadi. Naveen went out of his way to ensure that I had a great stay. There were plenty of opportunities for cultural exchange and getting to know the people of the villages. Teaching at the school was also extremely rewarding and the kids were so sweet. I loved my stay here and will definitely come back.


    • Jessica Killaspy, United Kingdom

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      I volunteered with HVO in November 2016 and had such a great time in Kharadi and Gangnani! The children were lovely and I enjoyed interacting with them outside of school as well as in school, whether we were messing about by the river or getting competitive with card games.It was interesting to spend time in both a private school and a government school – each had its challenges but I learned a lot! The food was really good and Naveen went above and beyond what I expected as as coordinator. Dan ne vaad!

    • Sarah Alexander, Australia

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      Visited October, 2016 -Thank you so much to the community for hosting me with open arms. I had the most incredible experience volunteering in the local primary school, teaching yoga, music and English. I found this volunteer experience more than just a teaching exchange, it was an incredible mutual cultural exchange where I was able to share so much about my own culture and home in exchange for the most welcoming hospitality and conversations about local culture. I became apart of many families often being invited for meals and to stay in local villages. It was an experience of a life time and I would recommend to anyone. Go with an open mind, accommodation is very comfortable but in comparison to western standards is very basic. But it is an incredible way to get a great insight into true Indian lifestyle and culture. I miss everyone so much and can not wait to visit again very soon. Thank you from my whole heart.



  • Jérémy suteau, France

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    An experience that I’ll never forget. One rule, come with an open mind, after that, everything will be new and fulfilling. Great people, great place, great work for a good reason. Thank you for this lesson of humanity. “A bientot”