Who we are

We are a group of like minded people working hand-in-hand to make a change in the society through organizing volunteer opportunities in the Garhwal Himalayas.

We’ve been running our programs since June 2016, and have hosted over 30 volunteers since then. It all started with the vision of hosting people from different parts of the world who believe in the ethos of ‘Vasudev kutumbaka’, a sanskrit phrase which literally translates into ‘the whole world is one family.’

We love to meet people who care and want to help other marginalized and poor communities of the world in one way or another.

Meet the Team

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    Naveen Godiyal

    Naveen godiyal is an educationist and a social entrepreneur. He strongly believes in power of education. “Through education only true progress can be achieved”. He is a graduate in English literature. He has worked(mostly) as a teacher but also as a project coordinator for volunteering organizations such as Navdanya- Dehradun & IDEX-Jaipur.

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    Deepankar shah

    Deepankar is a graduate in information technology and in charge for the computer literacy center- MY D.I.T. He equally believes in the power of education, be it technical or other. He wants to help the local community have access and benefit of technical knowledge for the better employment opportunities. “Come and visit us”, is his favorite tagline:).

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    Jessica killaspy

    Jessica is from United Kingdom. She is our goodwill ambassador who is ever ready to help us whenever we need it. She is an English teacher and has been working in EFL for past 3 years. She strongly believes in helping underprivileged communities through education. She likes travelling with a purpose and therefore is into volunteering work.

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    Andreaz, Jack, Jeremy, Sarah who support our vision and are our goodwill ambassadors. Meenakashi-director for after school girls residential center, Vijaya Joshi didi-school for blind children director, Lalit & Vikas-youth center directors. All of them believe in team work. + All of our upcoming volunteers who would be part of us in coming future.